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Our mission

Two Foxes Studio is a boutique millinery and art studio in upstate NY creating handmade hats, leather goods and stained glass pieces.  

Boutique Shopping


Bespoke Millinery

The hats pictured are all handmade.  Some are hand-dyed using various techniques, often using natural dyes from plants and minerals.  All the hats are designed, blocked, sewn and trimmed in-house.  Due to the unique quality of the work, many of the hats are one of a kind and/or limited run pieces.  If the pieces are hand-dyed, natural variations will occur.

You also have the option to create a hat as unique as you are.  Work with me to design something just for you or re-create a hat you see in the Boutique.  Lets explore your sense of fashion, your individuality and character and create a piece for you to love for years to come. 

We can draw inspiration from history, fantasy, books and movies or your own sketchbook.  I am motivated by you and your stories, ideas and visions and look forward to creating a piece inspired by you.

Creating Connection

I bring my art into the world by traveling around doing pop-up shops and sample sales.  Contact me to host a private party. And make sure to check my pop-up shop page to see where I will be next.  Come peruse a unique selection of hats, leather goods, fiber art and stained glass.  

ARTIST and Founder,


Kimberly Hutsal is a first-generation American and child of the wind.  Born and raised in upstate NY, she decided to start exploring the earthly and spiritual realms early in life.  Her travels led to the discovery of what seemed like an ancient and secret society of artisans and makers.  This cemented in her the need to learn and carry on the traditions of Craftspeople before her.

 Having been taught traditional women’s work as a child, Kimberly was steeped in fiber art as home craft.  Learning how to sew, knit, crochet and embroider from her mother, it was seen as an important and useful skill.  In a twist of fate, as a young adult Kimberly found an old abandoned loom in a barn and restored it to working order.  Realizing that her love of all things relating to fibers was only deepening, she found a school, the Oregon College of Art & Craft, where she could receive a BFA in Craft with an emphasis in Fiber Art.

After she obtained her Arts degree, Kimberly worked as a papermaker and artist studio assistant.   From paper making to quilting a manifesto, her exploration of the many facets of fiber arts led her to millinery.  Hired on as studio manager and milliner to a boutique East Village millinery shop, Kimberly found the sculptural nature of hand-blocking hats appealing.  Her love of weaving, sewing, embroidery and dye work had fused with fashion, prompting her to create her own label Two Foxes Studio.





Millinery is the art of hand-blocking hats. Hand-blocking a hat requires a wooden hat form called a block, a felt or straw hat base, steam, ropes and pins.


The Tools

Working with wooden blocks of various shapes is how a hat is made.  Each hat requires different blocks in a particular shape and size.  



Using water and steam to soften the materials, they are then stretched over hat blocks and held in place with ropes and tacks.


Vintage Chain Stitch Machine 

After the material cools and stiffens it comes off the block to get sewn. The hats are sewn together using a vintage chain stitch machine.

the flaire.JPG


The last step of this process is to hand shape the various hats.  Blocks provide the basic form, but the flair is in the personal touch.

feathers etc.jpg


After the hat is made it gets trimmed using various materials such as leather, ribbons, feathers, gems and beads. It can be as simple or as complex as you like.



I'm on Instagram as @twofoxesstudio. Follow me to keep in touch with my artistic journey and to know what's new right now.